• Head Lice Information

    In order to prevent and control head lice infestations, the following will be done:

    • If a case of head lice is identified, the district procedures regarding head lice will be followed. School District Policy for Lice Treatment. 
    • Checking for head lice, parent notification if lice are present, and documentation of the finding will be done by trained school personnel.

    Parents will be notified and given standard instructions on appropriate lice treatment. Parent Letter Procedure for Head Lice

    Students should be treated without delay and return to school the next school day. Students will come to the Health Room before the student returns to the classroom for a clearance check to make sure there are no live lice. If some nits are remaining, the parent will be notified to continue combing for nits daily for 2-3 weeks. The student will be rechecked in 7-10 days to be sure none of the nits have hatched. 

    If problems are significant or extended in nature, the school nurse, in conjunction with the principal, may decide to notify the entire class. In this case, standard letters will be sent home with each student. Letters will outline procedures for prevention, identification and appropriate treatment of head lice.