• Superintendent Sean Dotson, EdD
    Dr. Sean Dotson began his role as Superintendent of the Tumwater School District on July 1, 2019. His professional experience prior to joining Tumwater included seven years of service as Associate Superintendent of the Cheney School District (2012-2019). He has also served as an administrator  at elementary, middle, and high school levels. Before becoming an administrator, he was a high school ELA teacher. In 1996, Sean began his career in education as a high school ELA teacher. 

    Sean holds a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education from Eastern Washington University, a Masters in Educational Leadership from the Eastern Washington University, and completed a two-year program of study at Washington State University earning a Washington State Superintendent credential. Most recently he received his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Washington State University. 

    Sean shares, "Over the course of twenty-three years as an educator, I have embraced the opportunity to lead in a variety of roles, at all levels, and in diverse settings. As a high school English and debate teacher, drama director, and soccer coach, I sought to help students become effective communicators, good team members, and thoughtful citizens. As an administrator at the elementary, middle, and high school levels and in the district office, I gained a panoramic view of education across all ages and settings. From my experiences as an educator and as a leader, I know that a school district’s success is a direct result of powerful collaboration between staff, administration, school board, and the community. Improving academic success for all students, providing quality early learning experiences, building community partnerships, reducing social/ emotional barriers to learning, and managing our finances responsibly requires everyone working together. I know we can make great strides toward our goals, and I have heard from committed people in Tumwater who are ready to move forward confidently with this work."

    He continues, "I cannot introduce myself without sharing a little about my family—they remind me every day why we exist in education. I have an amazing wife, Cortney, who is a special education teacher and previously worked as a paraeducator. We have four children: our oldest, Colton, attends University of Washington; Abigael graduated from high school in June and will attend Western Washington University in the fall; Meilyn and Tai, our youngest children, are are excited to attend eighth grade in Tumwater School District this coming fall." 

    To invite Dr. Dotson to a public or community event, please contact Executive Assistant Tami Collins at 360-709-7007 or tami.collins@tumwater.k12.wa.us.