• Payroll Main Line: (360) 709-7029
    Certificated Payroll :
         (360) 709-7014;  
    Classified Payroll :
        (360) 709-7013; 
    Employee Benefits Coordinator:
       Pam Jolley (360) 709-7019; pam.jolley@tumwater.k12.wa.us
    How to View Your Paycheck and Leave Information
    Employee monthly earning statements (paystubs) and leave balances are now distributed electronically through the district website.
    Payroll Forms and Instructions
    Use this form to identify the bank account into which you want your monthly paycheck deposited.  Return the completed form to the Payroll office by the 10th day of the month to ensure your paycheck is deposited in the correct account.
    To change your federal income tax withholding, complete Form W-4 and submit it to the Payroll office staff at 621 Linwood Ave SW, Tumwater WA 98512. Questions can be directed to Payroll staff (see above for contact information). For additional assistance in completing your W-4 form complete the IRS withholding calculator at: W-4 Withholding Calculator

    Shared Leave

    Shared Leave Application 

    Shared Leave Procedures


    To apply for shared leave please complete the above form titled Shared Leave Application Form. You must attach a physician's note supporting your request for leave. Once the application is complete please submit it to Lindsey Owens in the District Office.

    Voluntary Deductions

    For information about voluntary payroll deductions, visit the Employee Benefits website.

    Employment Verification Requests

    Tumwater School District requires employment verification requests to be submitted in writing with a release from the employee. These requests can be faxed to (360) 709-7002 or mailed to ATTN: Payroll, Tumwater School District, 621 Linwood Ave SW, Tumwater, WA 98512. You can contact payroll at (360) 709-7029 with any questions.