Employee Benefits

    School Employees Benefit Board (SEBB) Information 

    All Washington State K-12 school employees now receive health insurance and other benefits through the statewide School Employees Benefifts Board (SEBB) Program. Please see SEBB insurance carrier contact information below:


    Kaiser Permanente 1-888-901-4636

    Premera Blue Cross 1-800-807-7310

    UMP Achieve 1, Achieve 2, UMP High Deductible, UMP Plus 1-800-628-3481

    UMP Plus - Puget Sound High Value Network 1-877-345-8760

    UMP Plus - UW Medicine Accountable Care Network 1-855-520-9400

    UMP WA State Rx Services (Prescription drugs only) 1-888-361-1611

    Uniform Dental 1-800-537-3406

    Willamette Dental 1-855-433-6825

    DeltaCare 1-800-650-1583

    MetLife Vision 1-855-638-3931

    Davis Vision 1-877-377-9353

    EyeMed Vision 1-800-699-0993

    MetLife Life Insurance 1-833-854-9624

    Standard Long Term Disability Insurance 1-833-229-4177

    Navia FSA & DCAP 1-800-669-3539


    SEBB - Things you need to know

     If you do not take action during your enrollment window, you will be defaulted into the following plans and incur a $58 monthly payroll deduction:

    • Medical: UMP Achieve 1, with a $33 monthly premium
    • Dental: Uniform Dental (no premium)
    • Vision: MetLife Vision (no premium)
    • Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D): MetLife (no premium)
    • You will be charged the $25 tobacco use premium 

    You might pay premium surcharges

    • Tobacco use premium surcharge - If you or any dependent age 13 or over enrolled on your SEBB medical plan use tobacco products, you will be charged a monthly $25- per-account premium surcharge in addition to your monthly medical premiums.
    • Spouse or state-registered domestic partner coverage premium surcharge - If your spouse or state-registered domestic partner is enrolled on your SEBB medical plan instead of an employer-based group medical plan that is comparable to PEBB’s UMP Classic, you will be charged a monthly $50 premium surcharge in addition to your monthly medical premiums.

    Need to make a change outside of Open Enrollment?
    • If you experience a qualifying event outside of open enrollment you can make a correlating change within 30 days of the qualifying event. A qualifying event is one of the following: Birth of a child, marriage, divorce, adoption, court appointed dependent, loss of other coverage or gain of other coverage.
    • The following are eligible dependents: Lawful Spouse, State Registered Domestic Partner, Children up to age 26 (natural, adopted, step, or court appointed), Children over the age of 26 who are incapable of self support (subject to approval).


      For eligibility and enrollment questions please contact Pam Jolley at: pam.jolley@tumwater.k12.wa.us

      Retirees remain in PEBB - All retirees will remain under the PEBB Program at least through 2021. Newly retiring school employees will enroll in PEBB.

    State Retirement Benefit Information

    Sign up for a Department of Retirement Benefits Summit to learn more about your plan here: DRS Summits 2019-20

    For questions or information about your Washington State Retirement plan contact:

    For information about health benefits for retiring employees contact: