• Bush Middle School PIE

    Meeting Minutes

    March 17, 2016

    ATTENDANCE:  Linda O’Shaughnessy, Shawn Guthrie, Heather York, Justine Schmidt, and Tara Clemmens


    CALL TO ORDER:  Heather York called the meeting to order at 6:15pm.


    WELCOME:  Introduction of officers included:  Heather York – President, Justine Schmidt – Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer – Tara Clemmens. 


    APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  The minutes of February 18, 2016 were approved as written.


    TREASURER’S REPORT:  Tara Clemmens distributed the BMS PIE Transaction Report and the Monthly Treasurer’s Report to the group.  Tara reviewed the income and expenses for the year thus far. The Treasurer’s Report was approved as presented.


    SLC REPORT:  Justine Schmidt reported that the SLC has been reviewing the SIP and the BMS construction plans.  Shawn Guthrie presented the proposed design plans to the group, noting the different phases of construction.  Shawn stated that the building will be unavailable to staff over the summer as construction will be underway.  The SLC also reviewed the class schedules for the upcoming quarter.


    PRINICIPAL’S REPORT:  Linda O’Shaughnessy thanked PIE for supporting the Spring Book Fair.  She also announced that Thurston County Transit is offering a bike safety workshop (consisting of four sessions) where students earn a bike at the end.  There are four workshop opportunities taking place on the Bush Middle School site. 



    Staff Meetings – Last month, Heather York sent out the parent volunteer sign-up for providing snacks at staff meetings.  The response has been limited, indicating that providing snacks for all staff meetings may be overwhelming for our supportive parents.  The group decided to select a few staff meetings next year to treat the staff.


    The PIE members asked to attend a staff meeting to introduce the new board.  After discussing possible dates with Linda O’Shaughnessy, the PIE board plans to attend the May 6th staff meeting.


    Homework Club Update – The homework club funds request for snacks and snack supplies has not been received at this time.  Once the form is received the board will review and make a decision.


    Linda O’Shaughnessy is working with the transportation department regarding the possibility of busing students home from homework club for next year.


    Box Tops & Labels for Education – The annual Box Tops and Labels for Education homeroom contest runs through the entire month of April.  Justine Schmidt prepared a Box Tops collection flyer.  The flyer will be sent home with students, placed on the school website, and the PIE Facebook page.  The Board will meet to count after the contest ends.  The winning homeroom will win a pizza party. 


    Last year’s Box Tops check has not been received.  Heather York will contact Box Tops to make sure the address is correct and to find out what happened to our last check.

    Funds2Orgs Shoe Drive – Heather York presented the details of the shoe drive fundraiser to the group.  She stated that if less than 200 bags of 25 shoes are collected; there is a shipping fee of $250.  The group is also required to store the shoes until they can be picked up within thirty days, and recommend a 10x10 space.  After discussion, the group decided that it was unlikely to be able to collect that many shoes and have a place to store them.  It was suggested to contact Tumwater Middle School to see if they would like to combine efforts and participate together at a future time.  The group decided that this would not be an appropriate fundraiser for this spring and to look into other fundraising options.   Tara Clemmens will contact an Olympia Film Society volunteer about the fundraiser opportunity this organization provides.


    Teacher Appreciation – Teacher Appreciation Week is scheduled for May 2nd – 6th.  PIE budgets $250 for gifts.  The following gift suggestions were made: clipboards, lunch items, silverware, pies with notes in boxes.  The group will make a final decision at the next meeting.



    Yearbooks – The group approved purchasing six yearbooks this year.  Tara Clemmens will contact Tammy Baker, yearbook editor, and inform her of the decision.


    Math Night – At this time, there have been no math nights scheduled.  The new sports league and sports schedule has caused some obstacles to planning this year.  Linda O’Shaughnessy will contact Mrs. Leuschen regarding the future of math nights.


    Fall Book Fair Money – The funds earned at the Fall Book Fair were stolen in a car robbery.  The car insurance would not cover the loss.  PIE paid Scholastic so the library would still receive the books earned from the fair.  PIE’s budget has taken the loss.  Heather York stated that since the funds were in her possession during the theft she feels responsible.  She recently received an electronic copy of the police report and will forward it to the Treasurer for documentation.  Heather will also discuss repayment options with her family and come up with a plan that will not cause a hardship.


    Volunteer Opportunities – Heather York reviewed the upcoming volunteer opportunities: 

    • Counting Box Tops – Date TBD in May
    • 6th Grade Parent Night – May 3rd, 6pm


    By-Laws – Justine Schmidt distributed the PIE bylaws with suggested additions and changes noted in red and blue.  The board will review these suggestions over the next month.  The amended by-laws will be reviewed and approved at the next meeting.


    ANNOUNCEMENTS:  The next PIE meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 21st at 6:00pm in the Library.  Tumwater High School Principal, Jeff Broome, will be joining us to talk about transitioning to high school.


    ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.


    Submitted by:

    Tara Clemmens