• Bush Middle School PIE

    Meeting Minutes

    February 18, 2016


    ATTENDANCE:  Linda O’Shaughnessy, Heather York, Justine Schmidt, and Tara Clemmens

    CALL TO ORDER:  Heather York called the meeting to order at 6:10pm.

    WELCOME:  Introduction of officers included:  Heather York – President, Justine Schmidt – Vice President, Secretary – Tara Clemmens.  A motion was made and passed to elect Tara Clemmens to the Treasurer position.  A motion was also moved and passed to remove former Treasurer, Julie Salvitti, from the financial accounts and add new board members, Justine Schmidt and Tara Clemmens.

    APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  The minutes of January 21, 2016 were approved as written.

    PRINICIPAL’S REPORT:  Linda O’Shaughnessy presented the School Improvement Plan (SIP) to the group.  She reviewed the building goals, strengths, and challenges.  The entire Bush staff is committed to working toward these goals and have all signed the document.  Linda asked if PIE would be purchasing yearbooks for students who can’t afford one this year and if so, how many.  Heather York stated that PIE does plan to purchase yearbooks.  Evaluating our current funds, we may only be able to do six books this year.  The group will make the final decision at the next meeting.


    SLC REPORT:  Justine Schmidt reported that the SLC has been reviewing the SIP.  She also noted the idea for offering a workshop about navigating high school and technology.  The group discussed that there are similar workshop opportunities within the district for this school year.  Linda O’Shaughnessy stated that this type of workshop will be very beneficial in two years, when two grade levels will be moving up to middle school together.


    Forms – The group passed a motion to begin use of the “Funds Request” and “Fund Reimbursement Request” forms that were presented at the January meeting (see attached). 

    Homework Club Update – Amanda Cooper, representing the after school homework center, requested funds for snacks and snack supplies for the remaining sessions this school year.  The center operates twice a week and serves 20 – 30 kids.  Heather York asked Amanda to complete the “Funds Request” form and note the amount of monetary funding needed.  Once the form is returned the board will review and make a decision.

    Justine Schmidt reported that the Nisqually Tribe denied PIE’s grant request for busing students who use the after school homework center.  The tribe did suggest trying again next year.  Justine plans to contact the district office about the possibility of sharing the high school after school activities bus.  Amanda Cooper is willing to ask students if they would be more likely to attend the homework center, if they had a bus to ride home. 


    Staff Meetings – Linda O’Shaughnessy provided the following staff meeting dates to the group:  March 2nd (am), March 11th (pm), March 30th (am), April 14th (am), April 22nd (pm), May 11th (am), and June 10th (pm).  The PIE would like to provide food to show our appreciation to our staff.  Heather York will send out sign-ups to the parent volunteers.

    Box Tops & Labels for Education – The annual Box Tops and Lables for Education homeroom contest runs through the entire month of April.  Students send in Box Tops and Labels.  The Board will meet to count after the contest ends.  The winning homeroom will win a pizza party.  Tara Clemmens reported that Labels for Education is making some changes and may be ending.  Heather York will look into how many points PIE has with Labels for Education to see if we can use them or possibly transfer them to another school.

    Teacher Appreciation – Teacher Appreciation Week is scheduled for May 2nd – 6th.  PIE budgets $250 for gifts.  The Board will think about possible gift ideas and bring them back to the next meeting.

    Volunteer Opportunities – Heather York reviewed the upcoming volunteer opportunities: 

    • Spring Book Fair – Set-up, Parent & Student Sales, Teardown – March 16th – 18th,  7th Grade “Fish Bowl”
    • Counting BoxTops – Date TBD in May


    By-Laws – Heather York distributed the by-laws to the group.  Board members will review the by-laws and make changes as necessary.  The amended by-laws will be reviewed and approved at the next meeting.

    Shoe Drive – Heather York presented the shoe drive fundraiser to the group.  An organization called funds2orgs collects shoes and repurposes them.  The organization collecting the shoes earns 40 cents per pound of shoes brought in.  Heather York will review the school calendar and figure out a good time to run the shoe drive and contact funds2orgs to get started.

    Communication – Tara Clemmens will create a Facebook page for PIE as a way to advertise volunteer opportunities and increase parent communication.

    ANNOUNCEMENTS:  The next PIE meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 17th at 6:00pm in the Library. 

    ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm.

    Submitted by:

    Tara Clemmens