• Educational Research and Data Sharing
    The Tumwater School District may allow qualified individuals or organizations to conduct research, surveys, and evaluation projects that are aligned with school district goals and objectives and that have the potential for improving teaching and learning, educational outcomes for children, or staff and program effectiveness.
    We take seriously our obligations to secure data systems and protect the privacy of students. Our processes help safeguard the confidentiality and security of our data.
     Educational Research
    All requests to conduct educational research must be approved by the district data and assessment committee. This group meets on a quarterly basis throughout the school year. If you will be applying to complete your project within a school building, you will first need to gain the approval of the building principal.
    Download our Research Request Guidelines and Application. Review and complete Attachment A, as well as any other attachments which are relevant to your project. Use the flowchart on the left (click to enlarge) as a guide.
    Data Sharing
    If you will be using public data (we have a list of options on our data home page), you need only complete and submit Attachment A of our Research Request Guidelines and Application.
    If you need to request confidential data, please complete relevant attachments in the application (see flowchart for determining the necessary paperwork). We have responsibilities under federal (FERPA) and state (SUPER Act) law to protect student information. We will de-identify student data unless the requestor can provide a solid research justification for less stringent methods.