• Our School
    Tumwater Hill Elementary was built in 1990. It is located at 3120 Ridgeview Ct. SW, and is situated on 13 acres. The current facility is 45,780 square feet and houses kindergarten through fifth grade with a capacity of 400 students. It contains 21 classrooms.
    The Tumwater Hill Elementary school family believes that children achieve at their highest level in a safe, orderly, caring environment founded on trust, honesty, appropriate humor, and communication. We are committed to honoring people and the environment in a spirit of cooperation. We also celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of each individual’s strengths.
    Tumwater Hill continues to make all parents, grandparents, and community members welcome. We believe that the extended Tumwater Hill family possesses a pool of knowledge, skills, resources, and experiences that can be used in the classroom to enrich all grade levels.