• Family and Consumer Sciences
    This career area prepares you for jobs that relate to families and human needs. Whether you want to be a social worker, a childcare provider or engage with financial planning, you will be addressing human needs.  
    2015 - 16 Course Offerings
    Child Development/Parenting (BHHS and THS; Grades 9 - 12)
    Students will analyze the roles and responsibilities of parenting. The focus is on understanding the developmental needs of children to help prepare students for caregiving, future parenting, and careers with children. Nutrition, safety and health will be emphasized. Students will demonstrate transferability and employability skills in community and workplace settings. The student will acquire knowledge and skills needed to care for a small child using appropriate parenting skills. Electronic “babies” will be checked out for a weekend to simulate the “parenting” experience.

    Financial Fitness (BHHS only; Grades 11 - 12)
    Learn how to take responsibility for your own financial destiny. This course will offer students the necessary knowledge to be active money managers where they understand that decisions they make now can affect the income they will earn for the rest of their life. Key concepts include planning for personal finances, banking and credit, investing your financial resources and protecting your finances. Students will learn about the importance of planning ahead in order to be able to provide financial security for themselves and those who depend on them. 
    Independent Living (BHHS and THS; Grades 11 - 12)
    In this elective class, students will practice and apply skills needed to survive on their own after graduation. Whether the student is preparing for college or employment, this course will assist the student in making the transition. Topics that will be addressed include: Employment and college applications, resume development, budget management, making major purchases, obtaining housing, establishing a home or living environment, meal planning, meal preparation, and other consumer skills. This class is perfect for students who are anxious to get on with their lives. 

    Nutrition & Wellness (BHHS and THS; Grades 9 - 12)
    Learn to prepare all kinds of food for yourself, your friends and your family. Explore nutrition issues and practice leadership in solving problems in various food areas such as food related careers, gourmet techniques, time management, food costs, and using a variety of equipment. Students will be able to be creative in presenting and enjoying a wide selection of ethnic foods as well as standard American favorites. They will learn the basic skills of measurement, meal planning and preparation, time management, nutrition, use of kitchen utensils, and table etiquette, as well as overall safety. Nutritious foods in the form of convenient and fast are covered as well as the importance of label reading. The student will learn through lab experiences. 

    Personal Choices (BHHS and THS; Grades 9 - 11)
    The students will acquire knowledge and skills needed when living on their own regarding clothing selection, maintenance and care. Students will learn about fabric choices, sewing instruction and construct simple garments. This course also covers how a student can improve their relationship skills with leadership, goal setting, self-esteem, communication, and decision making. Consumerism is also included in this class where the student will acquire knowledge needed involving advertising and purchasing. Interior design and decoration a living spaces is addressed. Foods and nutrition are introduced in this class where the student will learn about meal planning, food preparation, food safely, measurement, and healthy food choices. The students will experience cooking skills through lab experiences.