The Tumwater School District will notify the news media if schools will be closed, classes are delayed or school bus service is altered due to weather or other conditions. Ordinarily information will be broadcast by 6:00 AM and repeated frequently. Some last minute changes may be necessary if we are on snow routes depending on weather conditions.
    For two hour late start - No Pre School, No AM New Market Session and No Out of District Transportation. Please check for the latest information on our Web site at www.tumwater.k12.wa.us.
    During inclement weather, the district will try to keep bus routes as near to normal as possible.

    If your street is not listed, buses will operate NORMALLY.



    No service into Upper ALPINE HILLS, Brown Rd, Maplewood Ct, Foothill, Northill.  Stops at Park.@ lntsec of Northill & Westhill.

    No service at COUGAR RIDGE ESTATES.  Stops at Delphi Rd SW @ Capital Forest Dr SW.


    No service on DELPHI ROAD North of Camelot Drive.  Stops at Camelot Dr SW @ Delphi Rd SW.


    No service up FAIRVIEW HILL.  Stops at Kennydell Park- east parking lot.


    No service down NELS RD or KINNEY RD into EVERGREEN SHORES.  Stops at the Black Lake Grange.


    No service on WADDELL CRK RD to NOSCHKA RD.  Stops at Lake Lucinda Dr SW @ Lake Lucinda Ct SW.


    No service down SHAWN DR. Stops at Delphi RD SW @ Shawn DR SW.


    No service on CHARTER LN SW.  Stops at 50th Ave SW @ Joppa St SW.


    No service into CEDAR RIDGE ESTATES or CEDARLAKE area.  Stops at South Union Grange.

    No service on 113th AVE SW between TILLEY RD & CASE RD Stops at 113th Ave SW@ Bogie St SW.

    No service on TILLEY RD south of 101st   Ave SW. Stops at South Union Grange.

    No service on McCORKLE RD SW or 113th Ave SW.  Stops at South Union Grange.

    No service into SPRINGER HILLS.  Stops at 93rd Ave SE @ Springer Hills Ln SE.

    No service on SHELDON ROAD.  Stops at 93rd Ave SE @ Sheldon Rd SE.

    No service on SIENNA DRIVE. Stops at Rixie Road SE @ Sienna Drive SE.

    No service into SUNWOOD LAKES & FOX HILLS.  Stops @ Spurgeon Creek Rd. @ Yelm Hwy SE (gravel pulloff across from Chevron).

    No Service on TROWBRIDGE or RAINIER RD.  Stops at Flying Carpet Mobile Home Park.

    No service on 74th AVE SE, EAST OF NORMANDY.  Stops on Normandy @ 74th Ave SE.

    No service on Keanland Park Ln.  Stops on Rixie Rd SE & Keanland Park Ln SE.


    No service on LITTLEROCK RD south of 133rd AVE SW.  Stops at 133rd Ave SW @ Erskine Rd SW -OR- High/Middle Bus Stops @ Littlerock Elementary 

    No service on 101st AVE SW or NORTH ON DELPHI from 101st. Stops at 10324 Delphi Mobile Home Park at Delphi Rd SW & 103rd Ave SW Entrance

    No service on 113th AVE SW between TILLEY RD & CASE RD. Stops at 113th AVE SW @ Scott Lake Store.

    No service on 118th AVE SW.  Stops at ENDICOTT RD SW @ 118th AVE SW.

    No service on 127th AVE SW. Stops at Waddle Creek Rd @ 127th AVE SW.

    No service on 140th AVE SW or ERSKINE ROAD.  Stops at 133rd Ave SW @ Erskine Rd SW.

    No service up CHAMPION HILL. Stops at Champion Dr SW @ Shoreview Dr SW.

    No service in FIELD OF DREAMS.  Stops at Crockett Rd SW @ 118th Ave SW.

    No service into DELPHI HILLS.  Stops at Delphi Rd @ 105th AVE SW and Waddle Creek Rd @ 105th AVE SW.

    No service up SHADOWBROOK ROAD.  Stops at Littlerock Elementary Bus Load Zone

    No service on LA FRANCE RD SW. Stops at 123rd AVE SW and 128th AVE SW.

    No service on GIFFORD RD SW. Stops on Littlerock Rd SW.

    No service on MARKSMAN, BORDEAUX , OR THE GUN CLUB.  Stops on Mima Rd at 128th.

    No service on 110th AVE SW between LITTLEROCK RD & DELPHI. Stops at fire station on Littlerock. (THS/BMS Route 133 & Littlerock Elem. Route135 Ride Route 134)



    No service on SOUTH 4th AVE.  Stops at South 3rd AVE @ West "C" Street.

    No service on SAPP RD, ANTSEN RD or CHAPPAREL RD. Stops at Blackstone .

    No service to PALERMO VALLEY or SERENDIPITY.  Stops on Capital Blvd @ M St.

    No service on NORTH BLOMBERG, stops on 93"' AVE.

    No service on CHARTER LN SW. Stops at 50th AVE SW and Joppa.

    No service on LAZY, LIVELY OR VACATION. Stops at 70th AVE and Lazy or 70th AVE @ Lively.

    No service on PRINE DR.  Stops at Littlerock RD and Prine DR.



    No service on EAST X ST, V ST or T ST  Stops on Elm ST.

    No service to SILVER RIDGE ESTATES.  Stops at Dennis ST SE @ Elm ST.

    No service to 65th AVE SE, LAKE SUSAN, MUNN LAKE, DESCHUTES RIDGE AREA.  Stops at Deschutes Cove Apartments on Henderson Boulevard SE.

    No Service @ 58th AVE SE/PIONEER PARK.  Stops at Deschutes Cove Apartments on Henderson Boulevard SE.



    No service on 4th AVE.  Stops on 3rd AVE @ West F ST. and West C ST.

    No service on BUSH MOUNTAIN.  Stops at FIRLAND ST @ 29th AVE (THE rides Rt # 241).

    No service on SOMMERSET HILL HILL. Stops on Crosby BLVD @ Sommerset Hill.

    No service on WOODLAND, DELROSE, BROOKSIDE, Stops at Crosby Blvd @ Woodland, Delrose & Brookside .

    No service on SAPP or CHAPPAREL, Stops at Blacklake-Belmore Blvd @ the Fire Station and Antsen RD @ 38th.

    No service on VISTA LOOP or 12th AVE SW.  Stops at 7th AVE SW and BARNES BLVD.

    No service on SIMMONS MILL ST SW.  Stops on Firland ST @ 29th AVE (THE rides Rt #241).



    Updated 12/17/2018