• Monday, Feb 10

    The students will do their first fiberglass lay-up. They will connect two pieces of foam in a butt joint. 

    Tuesday, Feb 11

    We will evaluate our fiberglassing project from yesterday. Then the students will look at how the Boeing 787 is built with composite construction techniques. Finally, the students will visit Scaled Composites' website to see the various composite projects that have been built and what jobs are available. 

    Wednesday,  Feb 12

    The students will learn how to fiberglass over a mold. 

    Thursday, Feb 13

    We will evaluate the mold lay-up we cast yesterday.  Then the students will learn how one aircraft company manufactures their aircraft using composite materials.

    Friday, Feb 14
    The students will compare the three most common aircraft construction materials: wood and fabric, metal, and composites. Each offer their own advantages and disadvantages.