• Monday, Nov 11

    No school

    Tuesday, Nov 12

    The next challenge for the students is to carve a foam wing section to evaluate the design's L/D characteristics. This is in preparation for designing a wing for their electric cargo plane. Here is NACA's report on airfoil designs in windtunnels. Here are three websites to print airfoil profiles: profili2, UIUC Airfoil data, NACA airfoil generator.  

    Wednesday, Nov 13

    The students will cut out foam airfoils of their choice or design to test in the wind tunnel. The airfoil with the best L/D ratio would be best airfoil for their cargo aircraft. Here is the spreadsheet the students will need. 

    Thursday, Nov 14

    The students will continue to use the wind tunnel to finish up their foam airfoil analysis.

    Friday, Nov 15

    Final day for wind tunnel analysis.