• Monday, Oct 30

    Last week, half the class made foam airfoils to be tested in our wind tunnel for lift and drag characteristics and the other half of the class test flew aircraft in our flight simulators to determine the plane's lift and drag characteristics. The students will switch project tasks as they complete each. Each group needs to complete their project by Wednesday.  

    Tuesday, Oct 31

    Wind tunnel tests and flight simulator test flights.  

    Wednesday, Nov 1

    Wind tunnel tests and flight simulator test flights are due.    

    Thursday, Nov 2

    The students will review how an airfoil creates lift and the variables that affect how much lift that is generated. Then they will use actual flight test data gathered by me flying my airplane to determine my wing's Cl and Cd values.   

    Friday, Nov 3

    We will compare the lift and drag of different aircraft from their Cl and Cd data.