• Monday, Sep 30

    Half of the class will work on a computer simulation to continue their investigation on the effects of changing wing area and aspect ratio on an aircraft's lift force. The other half will practice working with a steel rule.

    Tuesday, Oct 1

    We will switch roles from yesterday.

    Wednesday, Oct 2

    All students will learn how to safely operate a band saw and demonstrate their knowledge on a tool quiz. Then,half of the class will work in the shop cutting their capstrips and diagonals for their wood rib construction project. The other half will review what they've learned about wing area and aspect ratio by looking at real aircraft designs and their performance and review how to read a glide polar.

    Thursday, Oct 3

    We will switch roles from yesterday.

    Friday, Oct 4

    The students will complete the papers from this week. They will also cut gussett material for their wood wing rib project.