• Monday, Sep 25

     We will look at the science of how a hot air balloon flies. The students will fly a balloon simulator. Then they will investigate the career opportunities flying hot air balloons.

    Tuesday, Sep 26

    The students will look at how lighter-than-air aircraft may be making a comeback. Assignment is in Google classroom.   

    Wednesday, Sep 27

    We will investigate the forces on gliders. The students will learn about Otto Lilienthal and the data he collected from flying gliders. Then they will build and fly their gliders to determine which has the best L/D ratio.  

    Thursday, Sep 28

    We will learn how to calculate L/D ratios from flight tests conducted in the flight simulator.   

    Friday, Sep 29

    We will finish collecting data from the glider in the flight simulator. The students will learn how to create and read a glide polar created from the glide data gathered yesterday.  We will calculate L/D ratios for different aircraft.