• Monday, Sep 16

    We will finish our paper glider competition from last Friday. Then the students will evaluate their gliders. We will make new gliders out of balsa and foam to improve the consistancy of the flights. We will use these to learn about the forces of flight.

    Tuesday, Sep 17

    The students will use their gliders from yesterday to build and fly a glider with the best L/D ratio. Competition will take place tomorrow.

    Wednesday, Sep 18

    L/D gliding competition. Then the students will learn about Otto Lilienthal and the data he collected from flying gliders.

    Thursday, Sep 19

    The class will be divided into half. One half will learn how to create and read a glide polar. The other half will learn how to fly gliders in the flight simulator.  

    Friday, Sep 20

    We will repeat yesterday's lesson, but the roles will be switched.