• Periods 5 
    Online resource for students during the Covid-19 stay-at-home order. Completion certificate will be awarded at the end of the course selected by the students. New courses will be announced soon.
    Here's a great example of such a course that is open now-Aviation 101
    NASA at Home-summarize what you learned from any aeronautics topic in a Google doc and share with me.
    Fantastic NASA ebooks to read-summarize in a Google doc and share with me.
    Free CAD program to design your own aircraft-just send me a screenshot of your design. Be sure to watch the tutorial videos under the Get Started link.
    Watch 6 modules and earn a certificate of completion from the leaders in flight simulation-Redbird Virtual STEM+ Lab. Send me a screenshot of your certificate.

    Skyward Percent

    Letter grade


    93 – 100



    In addition to B performance, in-depth inferences and applications go beyond what was taught. "I know (can do) it well enough to make connections that weren’t taught."

    90 – 92.99




    87– 89.99 




    83 – 86.99



    No major errors or omissions regarding any of the information and/or processes that were explicitly taught. "I know (can do) everything that was taught without making mistakes."

    80 – 82.99




    77 – 79.99




    73 – 76.99



    No major errors or omissions regarding the simpler details or processes, but major errors or omissions regarding the complex processes. "I know (can do) all the easy parts, but I don’t know (can’t do) the harder parts."

    70 – 72.99




    67 – 69.99




    60 - 66.99



    With help, there is a partial understanding of some of the simpler details and processes."With help, I know (can do) some of what was taught."

    0 – 59.99



    Even with help, no understanding or skilll is demonstrated. "I don’t know (can’t do) any of it."

    Overall grade is weighted into one category:
    100% 21st Century Skills21st Skills Standards rubric