• Monday, Mar 9

    Robotics: We will learn how to record data in our EV3. The first lesson is how to view data in an oscilloscope

    Aerospace: First, the students will learn the requirements needed to become a NASA astronaut. Then, we will work on our Onex project.

    Tuesday, Mar 10

    Robotics: The students will use the EV3 data logging capabilities to determine a propeller's RPM. 

    Aerospace: Onex construction.

    Wednesday, Mar 11

    Robotics: Student will determine the lag time in the gyroscope using the EV3 data logging capabilities.

    Aerospace:  The students will research the 5 main hazards to humans during spaceflight.

    Thursday, Mar 12

    Robotics: We will build and program cellphone-controlled soccer playing robots.

    Aerospace: We will research how astronauts exercise in space to maintain muscle strength. Then the students will design their own space exercise equipment.

    Friday, Mar 13

    Robotics: Soccer robots.

    Aerospace: Share space exercise equipment designs.