• Monday, Mar 2

    Robotics: The students will construct and program their own robot. Here are some ideas to build off of.

    Aerospace:  Students will research the different components of the ISS. Students will only research a few components and share with the rest tomorrow.  They will also look at research being conduction on the ISS. 

    Tuesday, Mar 3

    Robotics: Robot projects.

    Aerospace: We will share the research we conducted yesterday on the ISS components. Then we will go out to the football field to see how big the space station really is.

    Wednesday, Mar 4

    Robotics: Robot projects.

    Aerospace: We will research how astronauts staying at the ISS conduct their daily activities. Here is the playlist for the students to use as a start to their research.  

    Thursday, Mar 5

    Robotics: Robot projects.

    Aerospace: Students will figure out why the path of the ISS is sinusoidal on a mercador map. The students will learn how to use azmith and declination to find the ISS.

    Friday, Mar 6

    Robotics: Robot projects due.

    Aerospace: We will look at 5 hazards to humans during spaceflight.