• Monday, Feb 24

    The students will get a hands-on feel for Newton's 2nd Law of Motion (F=ma) as they push my car around the parking lot. They will calculate the force needed to accelerate the car when it contains just me and when it is full of students. Here's the spreadsheet they will fill in for their analysis. 

    Tuesday, Feb 25

    We will practice using F=ma with this worksheet

    Wednesday, Feb 26

    The students will apply forces to carts of various masses to measure the effect of force on distance travelled. Then they will change the mass of the carts and repeat the experiment.

    Thursday, Feb 27

    We will analyze the data from yesterday's experiment. Then we will review Newton's laws 1 & 2 for tomorrow's test.

    Friday, Feb 28

    Newton's 1st and 2nd law quiz.