• Monday, Feb 10

    The students will conduct one last lab activity measuring relative velocity from different frames of reference.

    Tuesday, Feb 11

    The students will review relative velocity in preparation for tomorrow's quiz.

    Wednesday,  Feb 12
    Relative velocity quiz.

    Then the students will play Lunar Lander. The game is a great example of Newton's 1st law-Law of Inertia.

    Thursday, Feb 13

    The students will be introduced to the wind tunnel and how it is used to calculate the drag an object experiences as it moves through air.  They will test a "car" in the tunnel to get its baseline Cd-coefficient of drag. 

    Friday, Feb 14
    The challenge over the next couple of days is to modify the car in some way to reduce its Cd. The students will be modifying their cars after they check out real cars in the parking lot. They will input their data in this spreadsheet.