• Monday, Feb 10

    Robotics:  The students need to show me their 4 room rescue challenge solution from last week. Then the students will inventory their kits.
    Aerospace: The students will finish the construction of their Martian resupply rocket. Then we will launch them.

    Tuesday, Feb 11

    Robotics: Students will build Gyro Boy. The program is here.  
    Aerospace: Launching Martian rockets.

    Wednesday,  Feb 12

    Robotics: Gyro Boy
    Aerospace: We will luse the rest of this week to make progress on our Onex aircraft construction project.

    Thursday, Feb 13

    Robotics:  Gyro Boy due.
    Aerospace: Onex construction.

    Friday, Feb 14

    Robotics: Rubik's Cube solver.
    Aerospace: Onex construction.