• Monday, Feb 3

    Robotics: Students will complete the pipeline challenge we were working on last week. 

    Aerospace: The students will research the different types of supplies that could be sent to a Martian colony. They will be tasked with determining which supplies, and how much, could be carried on a supply rocket.

    Tuesday, Feb 4

    Robotics: The students will create four My Block programs to solve the Rescue Challenge. This will introduce the students to My Blocks. The challenge is due Friday.

    Aerospace: We will construct a model rocket that will be used to resupply a Martian colony.

    Wednesday, Feb 5

    Robotics: Rescue Challenge

    Aerospace: The students will use Tinkercad to design a cargo hold for their Martian resupply rocket.

    Thursday, Feb 6

    Robotics: Rescue Challenge

    Aerospace: Finish cargo hold design.

    Friday, Feb 7

    Robotics: Rescue Challenge due. 

    Aerospace: The students will finish the construction of their Martian resupply rocket.