• Monday, Jan 27

    Robotics: The students will build a hand slapper robot. They will work their way through four different levels of programming to modify the performance of this robot. The different levels will build on the storage and use of variables in programming. All programs need to be done by Wednesday.

    Level 1

    Level 2

    Level 3

    Level 4

    Aerospace: The students will continue to work on our RV-12 or, weather permitting, test launch the water bottle rockets they constructed last week.

    Tuesday, Jan 28

    Robotics: Hand slapper robot.

    Aerospace: RV-12 or water bottle rockets.

    Wednesday, Jan 29

    Robotics: Hand slapper robot due. Then the students will build and program a robot to complete the pipeline explorer challenge. Their solution is due Friday.

    Aerospace: RV-12 or water bottle rockets.

    Thursday, Jan 30

    Robotics: Pipeline explorer program and robot. 

    Aerospace: RV-12 or water bottle rockets.

    Friday, Jan 31

    Robotics: Pipeline explorer program and robot due.

    Aerospace: RV-12 or water bottle rockets.