• Monday, Jan 20

    No school

    Tuesday, Jan 21

    Robotics: The students will complete the linkage drawing robot they started last week. It is due tomorrow.

    Aerospace: The students will test fly their water bottle rockets to test the effect of altitude vs water quantity.

    Wednesday, Jan 22

    Robotics: Linkage drawing robot due today.

    Aerospace: The students will finish their test launches and graph their data.

    Thursday, Jan 23

    Robotics: Students will learn how to store data in a computer program. They will complete a few mini-challenges found on this website to demonstrate their learning. 

    Aerospace: We will begin our range contest with our water bottle rockets.

    Friday, Jan 24

    Robotics:  We will finish the mini-challenges using data wires today.

    Aerospace: Last day of water bottle launching.