• Monday, Jan 13

    Robotics: The students will construct various linkages to discover how they change direction of motion. Then they will construct a robot that moves without the circular motion of wheels.

    Aerospace: The students will either drop their egg parachutes or work on our RV-12 project, depending on weather.

    Tuesday, Jan 14

    Robotics: Field trip to JBLM for Aviation/Maintenance Day. 

    Aerospace: Field trip to JBLM for Aviation/Maintenance Day. 

    Wednesday, Jan 15

    Robotics: Linkage robot due. Then the students will create a robot that draws using linkages.

    Aerospace: The students will construct a water-powered rocket. 

    Thursday, Jan 16

    Robotics: Drawing robot.

    Aerospace: The students will conduct drop tests to determine their water rocket's coefficient of drag and terminal velocity.

    Friday, Jan 17

    Robotics: Drawing robot due.

    Aerospace: We will launch our water rockets in order to determine the effect of water quantity on launch height.