• Monday, Dec 9

    Robotics: The student will finish the line racer robot challenge they started last week.

    Aerospace: The students will finish building their second rocket. Then we will use open rocket to reverse engineer their rocket they launched last week.

    Tuesday, Dec 10

    Robotics: We will learn a different type of programming using NASA's Moon 2 Mars activities.

    Aerospace: We will finish designing our rockets in open rocket. Then we will see if the predicted flight performance matched our actual performance.

    Wednesday, Dec 11

    Robotics: NASA programming.

    Aerospace: The students will use open rocket to predict their second rocket's flight performance.

    Thursday, Dec 12

    Robotics: NASA programming.

    Aerospace: Open rocket design and launching.

    Friday, Dec 13

    Robotics: NASA programming due.

    Aerospace: Open rocket design and launching due.