• Monday, Dec 2

    Robotics:  We will finish the LEGO sorter robots we worked on last week. They are due tomorrow.
    Aerospace: The students will build their first rocket model.

    Tuesday, Dec 3

    Robotics: LEGO sorter robot due.

    Aerospace: We will finish the rocket model started yesterday. We plan to launch tomorrow.  

    Wednesday, Dec 4

    Robotics: The students will create and program robots to race in the line follower races.

    Aerospace: The students will complete test drops of their rockets. The data will be used to predict the flight time of their rockets. They will use this document for calculations.

    Thursday, Dec 5

    Robotics: Line follower races preparation.

    Aerospace: We will launch our rockets today, weather permitting. If weather doesn't allow us to launch, we will study the difference between impulse and momentum.

    Friday, Dec 6

    Robotics: Line follower races.

    Aerospace: Rocket flight analysis.