• Monday, Nov 11

    No school

    Tuesday, Nov 12

    Robotics-The students will learn how to program their robots using loops. The challenge due tomorrow is the container challenge (see tab C on the loop link).

    Aerospace-The students will research the atomosphere and gravity on Mars in preparation for designing their own Martian aerial explorer.

    Wednesday, Nov 13

    Robotics-Container challenge due.

    Aerospace-We will use the same aircraft design procedures we used last year to design our Martian aerial explorers. Preliminary designs are due Friday.

    Thursday, Nov 14

    Robotics-The students will use loops to create a robot that will go into a different classroom, do something creative in that room, and leave.

    Aerospace-Martian aerial explorer designing.

    Friday, Nov 15

    Robotics-Visit classroom challenge due.

    Aerospace-Martian aerial explorer preliminary design due.