School and Classroom Policies

    Here are a few procedural items of business that will help our school year run smoothly.


    When your child is ill or has an appointment, please call our school office at 709-7100.


    If you are visiting out classroom, on a regular basis or briefly, you are required to stop at the office to get a visitor’s pass. This is just one way we help keep your child safe and secure while at school.

    Lunch Money

    Please send money to school in an envelope marked with your child’s name and the purpose of the money or check. This money will be sent to the office and they will put the money in your child’s lunch account. When your child’s account reaches $3.00 their hand will be stamped as a reminder that their account is getting low.

    Weekly Newsletter and Homework Paper

    Every Monday I will send a newsletter home to keep you informed of sharing themes, specialist schedule, special events and the homework for the week. A check off sheet will also be included as a reminder of the weekly homework assignment.

    Morning Snack

    The children have an optional snack time each morning. In order to promote healthy eating habits, allow only nutritious foods for snack time, please save other snacks and treats for lunch boxes and after school snacks.


    Sharing/Show and Tell

    Each Friday we will be having Sharing Time. In the Monday newsletter I will tell you the topic or category for that week’s Sharing Time. Please help your child in their choice for Sharing. Toys are allowed when it is an optional sharing theme for the week but the children may not take their toys to recess or play with them while at school.


    If your child would like to bring a birthday treat, please be sure to send enough for 25 students. The exactly number of children will vary so please check before sending the treat with your child. We pass out treats at lunch time. Please note that we do not pass out birthday party invitations in our classroom, so please see the attached party directory information on the following page.

    Home/School Contact

    I enjoy hearing from you. If you have a message for me, please feel free to send a note with your child or leave a message and phone number on my voice mail service or at my email address. I will return your call or email as soon as possible. My school phone number is_(360)709-7145_. My email address is: sara.klein@tumwater.k12.wa.us  I ask that you do not stop in to visit about your child without an appointment. I will be engaged with the students and will not be able to give you and your concerns the appropriate attention you deserve. I am in the classroom by 7:45 A.M. and I am at the school until 4:00 P.M.  I can meet before children arrive at 8:15 A.M. and after school after 2:45 P.M.


    Homework Policy

    The idea behind homework is to give students extra practice on grade level skills and to encourage parent involvement. Homework at the second grade level will help children develop homework skills they will need in the following school years.

    I will give out a homework packet on the first day of each week. I do not give homework during conference weeks, on weeks that contain a holiday, or on vacation weeks. If your family is going on a trip, I do not give homework packets in advance. I give the student the work they have missed when they return. They have one week to complete the work and turn it in. Homework that is given in a packet on Monday needs to be completed by the following Friday. Any class work that is not completed during the school day will be sent home and it needs to be corrected and returned the very next school day.

    All schoolwork, including homework, needs to be completed in the student’s best handwriting, in pencil unless it’s a coloring project, and needs to be checked by their parent. A parent homework check off sheet will be the cover page to the weekly homework packet. I ask that only the parents initial each item on the page that the child has completed. Late homework will be accepted with a parent note explaining the problem. I ask that any time your child brings hoe a paper or project that is not completed in a quality way, you take time to talk to your child about their work and fix anything that needs to be worked on. When a student fixes their papers and brings the back, they are always recognized for their effort. I usually mark their completed work a “Q” for quality work and I typically will give them a Quality Slip that is worth a tangible incentive. Any time a student works to their potential they are acknowledged by me.

    Homework will be discussed at conference time and if need be we can meet and talk about any issues you or I may have about the homework your child is being expected to complete.

    Thank you for helping me in the development of your child’s homework skills.

    Ms. Klein