• Monday, Oct 28

    Robotics-The maze running robot needs to be completed today.

    Aerospace-The students will construct the crate to package our Pietenpol project. Some students will work on the Onex project.

    Tuesday, Oct 29

    Robotics-The students will learn how to program the gyro sensor. They need to complete the mower challenge by Friday.

    Aerospace-Crate construction.

    Wednesday, Oct 30

    Robotics- Mower challenge.

    Aerospace-Crate construction.

    Thursday, Oct 31

    Robotics- Mower challenge.

    Aerospace-The students will review Kepler's laws in preparation for tomorrow's test.

    Friday, Nov 1

    Robotics- Mower challenge due.

    Aerospace-Orbital motion and Kepler's laws test.