• Monday, Oct 21

    Robotics- The students will continue to program our robots to maneuver as a "vacuum" robot using the touch sensor.

    Aerospace- The students will build a crate for our Pietenpol project so it can be shipped to its new owner.

    Tuesday, Oct 22

    Robotics- The students will program a robot to use its touch sensor to manuever through a maze. Due Friday.

    Aerospace- Crate construction.

    Wednesday, Oct 23

    Robotics- Maze robot.

    Aerospace-We will summarize what we've learned about orbital motion with Kepler's laws. Here is the paper the students will need. 

    Thursday, Oct 24

    Robotics- Maze robot.

    Aerospace-Final review of orbital motion. 

    Friday, Oct 25

    Robotics- Maze robot due.

    Aerospace-Orbital motion test.