Research Databases

  • All of these databases are available to you 24 hours a day. Click HERE to view login and password information needed to access the databases from home. Please note that you will need to log in to your TSD Google Apps account in order to view this document. 
    Health and Wellness   EBSCO      
         ProQuest Gale

Research Websites

Classroom Help and Resources

  • The following resources are commonly used by students and teachers. Many of these websites also have apps available for downloading to your devices.
    Some of these sites require classroom ID numbers and passwords; contact your teacher to obtain this information.
    Image result for digital resource tools, dirt  turnitin    khan
    CB    EasyBib  trl
    Click HERE to view steps detailing how to use EasyBib as an "Add-on" within Google Docs.

Copyright Friendly Images and Clips

  • The following resources are free to use under Copyright Law. You may use, re-mix, edit the clips and images found on this site. It is always good to give credit to the original creator in your own work.
    PublicDomain  CC   flickr