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    The School Nurse's role as a bachelor's prepared RN is to supervise the Health Room procedures and ensure the health and safety of students.  School nurses are responsible for one to three schools and generally are on-site one day per week. (Click on link below for Health Services Staff Schedule.)  Among other responsibilities, the nurse develops Individualized Health Care Plans and Emergency Action Plans for students with medical needs.  The School Nurse also completes health assessments, provides general staff training annually to meet WA State WACs/RCWs, trains staff that perform specific treatments on students with special needs, provides classroom education when requested, makes referrals to health care professionals, and assists parents in linking with appropriate services. 

    Under the direction of the school site nurse, Health Assistants or Licensed Practical Nurses provide day-to-day First Aid care to students that come to the Health Room with illnesses and injuries.  School Nurses delegate to health assistants, and other school staff as needed, the administration of medication to students.  The health assistants and licensed practical nurses also maintain student health records, immunization data, and emergency information.  They notify the school nurse of any students with medical and emergency needs.  In addition to First Aid/CPR training, health assistants receive on-going health education and training in Health Room procedures and protocols.  Health Assistant hours are 6.5 hours per day.  Licensed practical nurses work 7.5 hour days. (Click on link below for Health Services Staff Schedule.)   

    Stephanie Roberts, BSN, RN
    Health Services Coordinator & School Nurse
    Health Services Health Assistant Schedule and Contacts
    Health Services Registered Nurse and LPN Schedule and Contacts