• Monday, Sep 30

    Robotics: The students need to complete and show their solution to the hill climber vehicle.

    Aerospace: The students need to determine how large a rocket needs to be to put a 100 kg satellite into orbit. The student that creates a rocket with the smallest propellent mass fraction wins the challenge. The challenge is due Wed.

    Tuesday, Oct 1

    Robotics: The students will learn the difference between point turns and pivot turns. They need to complete these lessons to do so. Then they will create a robot to compete in a base race tomorrow.   

    Aerospace: Satellite in orbit challenge.

    Wednesday, Oct 2

    Robotics: Base race turning program competition.

    Aerospace: Satellite in orbit challenge due.

    Thursday, Oct 3

    Robotics: The students will use their turning programming skills to make and program a robot that can manuever within an "orchard."

    Aerospace: The students will use Kerbal to figure out how to dock two spacecraft in orbit. They need to determine the relationship between orbital altitude and orbital velocity. Here's a Kerbal Wiki article to help those needing it and a great video to show how.

    Friday, Oct 4

    Robotics: Assembly schedule-no class. 

    Aerospace: Assembly schedule-no class.