• Monday, Sep 23

    Robotics: Dragster building and testing.

    Aerospace: Students will be introduced to the Ideal Rocket Equation. They will record their research on this paper.

    Tuesday, Sep 24

    Robotics: The students will finish racing their dragster robots. Then they will calculate the gear ratio they used.

    Aerospace: The students will research the different types of rocket fuel that is used in modern rockets. Then we will build and launch rockets within the program, investigating the effect of weight on the rocket equation.

    Wednesday, Sep 25

    Robotics: Dragster races and reflection. Then the students will learn about Moore's Law.

    Aerospace: The students will calculate the delta-v of engines in Kerbal Space Program. The video describing how is found here.  

    Thursday, Sep 26

    Robotics: We will begin our 4 wheel drive vehicle contest. The students are to use gear trains to create a vehicle that will pull the most mass up the steepest incline.  

    Aerospace: Kerbal Space program. 

    Friday, Sep 27

    Robotics: 4 wheel design challenge. 

    Aerospace: Delta-v in Kerbal due.