• Monday, Sep. 16

    Robotics: Students will learn how to maneuver within the menus on the EV3 brick.  Then we will learn how to use the Port View option within the menu. We will learn what firmware is and update the EV3's brick's firmware. They will also build their first tribot. 

    Aerospace: The students will complete a probe model reflection paper and the share their models with the class.  

    Tuesday, Sep. 17

    Robotics: We will build the tribot and create a 5 step program on the brick itself. The program must include at least one sensor. 

    Aerospace: The students will build probes using Kerbal Space Program. The probe must collect 2 types of data, have a way to generate electricity for its sensors, and use maneuvering rockets for correct orientation. The probes are due tomorrow. 

    Wednesday, Sep. 18

    Robotics: Students will learn how transistors work. The students will learn about the history of computers while investigating Moore's Law. Use this data on transistors to compare the actual growth rate with that predicted by Moore's Law. Then they will work with binary numbers to see how a computer represents letters and numbers.

    Aerospace: Kerbal probe designs due today. 

    Thursday, Sep. 19

    Robotics: The students will learn how to use the EV3 software to program their tribot. They will learn how to move by rotations, degrees, and time. They will also compare stopping by coasting vs. braking.

    Aerospace: The students will continue to work with Kerbal Space Program. They are to find the required orbital velocity and mass of fuel required to get three different rockets of three different masses into orbit. This data is due tomorrow. 

    Friday, Sep. 20

    Robotics: We will complete the sensabot challenge. Their robot must retrieve a block set at random starting distances.

    Aerospace: Orbital experiments due.