• Monday, Sep. 16

    We will finish testing known masses in our inertial balances. The students will then graph their data in google sheets.

    Tuesday, Sep. 17

    The students will use their graph from yesterday to mass unknown objects. Then we will reflect on our inertial balance results and try to determine why it didn't work as expected. Then we will redesign our test to better our results. The students will complete a metric conversion worksheet when finished.  

    Wednesday, Sep. 18

    We will review metric converstions. Students having difficulty with the metric system should visit this review site.  Then the students will use volume displacement to determine the volume of various objects.

    Thursday, Sep. 19

    We will see an apple float on water, but a grape sink. The grape is smaller than the apple but it sinks, why? The students will conduct density experiments online to learn how to answer this situation.  

    Friday, Sep. 20
    The students will combine their knowledge of mass, volume, and density to identify the metal used to make a penny.