• Monday, Sep 9

    The students will see that they don't really know the Imperical measurement system like they think they do. They will be reintroduced to the metric system and use it to measure the length of various items in the room.

    Tuesday, Sep 10

    We will use yesterday's length measurements to practice converting from one length metric unit to another.  

    Wednesday, Sep 11

    The students will use the metric unit for volume to create a colorful display. Homework is to complete the front page of this worksheet.
    Thursday, Sep 12
    We will use inertial balances to determine the mass of various objects. The students will create a mass vs. time curve from known masses today. The unknowns will be tested Monday. Here's a video showing an astronaut in the International Space Station determining his mass in space using an inertial balance. .

    Friday, Sep 13

    The students will calculate the volume of a cube that they create and then compare that calculation to its volume in milliliters. The students will calculate the volume of various prisms and cylinders and measure their displaced volume. Then they will attempt to find the volume of irregular shaped objects