• Monday, Sep 11 

    Students will be given a safety contract that needs to be signed by the student and a parent-due Friday with a quiz! Students will work with metric units measuring distance and volume. 

    Tuesday, Sep 12

    We will try to build the biggest volume box using only one piece of paper and practice using pipettes while working with the metric unit for volume.

    Wednesday, Sep 13

    The students will continue to practice being precise and accurate while using measuring tools.  They will also be introduced to significant figures. The students will conduct a lab activity to reinforce the idea of significant figures and how they describe the level of precision of each measurement tool.

    Thursday, Sep 14

    We will conduct a lab to determine the relationship between mass and volume of various liquids.     

    Friday, Sep 15

    Safety contract is due today. Safety contract quiz. Afterwards, we will finish the graphing and calculations from yesterday's lab.