• Monday, Sep. 2

    No School

    Tuesday, Sep. 3

    No School

    Wednesday, Sep. 4

    First day! Welcome back!
    Robotic students will try to come up with a definition of a robot.  They will then research various robots used today to see if they fit their definition of "robot." 
    Aerospace students will research various probes that have been sent out to explore space. They will try to answer "What do we hope to find out?"

    Thursday, Sep. 5

    The robotic students will then inventory their Lego EV3 kit to become familiar with the parts and pieces they will be using this year. 

    Aerospace students will go to this site to research the history of rocketry.

    Friday, Sep. 6
    We will compare hardware, software, and firmware. The students will update the firmware on their EV3 brick. They will also download LEGO Digital Designer and practice using the program to design LEGO creations. Students will then build the tallest, free-standing structure using the pieces in their kit.
    Aerospace students will create a paper model of different NASA probes that have been sent out to collect data for us. Those students interested in NASA's Cube Satellite Initiative will need to visit the linked website and use NASA's Strategic Plan and Call for Information.