Partners in Education

     May 15, 2014

    Meeting Minutes


     Present:  Principal, Linda O’Shaughnessy; Launa Abrahamson; Heather York; and Corinne Wiborg


     1)     Principal’s Report with upcoming events:

     ·      Thank you for attending PIE and your help    

     ·      We are approaching the end of the school year

     ·      April 23-May 28 – MSP testing


     2)     Treasurer’s Report:


     3)     Discussion Items:

     ·      PIE will help some students with their end of school year fees.  PIE has set aside $200.00

    ·      Box Tops were counted – BMS collected 5,289.  Launa mailed those out!  Way to go BMS!

    ·      Mrs. Abbarno’s and Mr. Gurnsey’s classes collected the most Box Tops.  Abbarno’s class will be awarded donuts.  Gurnsey’s class needs to take poll and see what they want.  Both classes will receive doughnuts on May 23rd

     ·      We need contact parents of Bush Middle School via e-mail/phone to inform them about PIE meetings that are held every month, on the third Thursday at 6:00p.m.

     ·      Fund-a-Falcon ends May 19th! 

     ·      PIE will work on Labels for Education and send them off.  We will see what our teachers want and go shopping!  The options are arts, athletics and academics catalogs.     

     ·      PIE has paid for 16 year-books for students.  PIE will see which students have not purchased year-books.  

     ·      PIE has set aside $250 for Track Stars t-shirts, but the need is only $180.00

     ·      BMS will be unveiling the school’s monument.  This will happen before the end of this school year with students, and staff. 

     ·      June 5th is Math Carnival, from 6:00-7:30pm.  Mrs. Leuschen will be needing help from 5:00-8:00pm.  

     ·      June 6th - Fun Run & Spring Fling starts at 8:45am

     ·      June 9th  - BMS incoming 7th Grade Transition Day

     ·      Year-books get delivered to students on June 9th. 

     ·      May 19th - Last afternoon Staff Appreciation Day.  No NUTS – several teachers have nut allergies.    

     ·      PIE will have a budget meeting before the end of the school year.  


    1)     2013-2014 PIE Group 

     President - Launa Abrahamson

     Vice President – Heather York

     Treasurer – Julie Salvitti

     Fundraising Coordinator – Sarah Pizana

     Secretary - Corinne Wiborg

     Volunteer Coordinator – Heather York


     Next meeting: Next School Year! Thursday, Sept 18, 2014 at 6:00p.m.