•                                                                                            BUSH MIDDLESCHOOL

                                                                                              Partners in Education

     March 20, 2014

    Meeting Minutes


     Present:  Principal, Linda O’Shaughnessy; Launa Abrahamson; Heather York; Julie Salvitti; Laura Lacy; Tom Gibb; and Corinne Wiborg


     1)      Principal’s Report with upcoming events:

     ·        Thank you for attending PIE and your help    

     ·        We are approaching the end of the school year

     ·        April 7-11 Spring Break

     ·        April 23-May 28 – MSP testing

     ·        April 25 – Falcon Talent Show

     ·        Parents may contact teachers at any time via e-mail regarding any questions or concerns. 


     2)      Treasurer’s Report: Balance $2,526.66


    3)      Discussion Items:

     ·        Box Tops and Labels for education will start on April 14-30. 

    ·        Teacher Appreciation Week, May 5-9.

    ·        We need contact parents of Bush Middle School via e-mail/phone to inform them about PIE meetings that are held every month, on the third          Thursday at 6:00p.m.

    ·        Heather and Launa are working on Fund-a-Falcon! 

     ·        We need to write a check for Invest Education

     ·        June 6th Fun Run & Spring Fling starts at 8:45am

     ·        June 9th BMS incoming 7th Grade Transition Day

    ·        Years books get delivered to students on June 9th

    ·        Teacher’s appreciation days: 

              o    4/25/14 morning snacks

              o    5/9/14 afternoon snacks

             o   Remember NO NUTS.  Many teachers have severe allergies. 


    4)      2013-2014 PIE Group

     President - Launa Abrahamson

     Vice President – Heather York

     Treasurer – Julie Salvitti

     Fundraising Coordinator – Sarah Pizana

     Secretary - Corinne Wiborg

     Volunteer Coordinator – Heather York


      Next meeting: Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 6:00p.m.