• Management Support Series 6000

    Table of Contents
    6000 Program Planning Budget Preparation Adoption and Implementation
    6020   System of Funds and Accounts
    6020P     Procedure
    6021    Interfund Loans
    6022 Minimum Fund Balance
    6030 Financial Reports
    6040 Expenditures in Excess of Budget
    6100 Revenues From Local State and Federal Sources
    6112 Rental or Lease of District Real Property
    6114 Gifts or Donations
    6119 Uncollected Non-Tax Revenue
    6119P    Procedure
    6120 Investment of Funds
    6210 Purchasing Authorization and Control
    6210P    Procedure
    6212 Charge Cards
    6213 Reimbursement for Travel Expenses
    6213P    Procedure
    6214 Food and Beverage Consumption
    6214P    Procedure
    6215 Voucher Certification and Approval
    6215P    Procedure
    6216 Reimbursement for Goods and Services Warrants
    6220 Bid Requirements
    6220P    Procedure
    6250 Cellular Telephones
    6225 Use of Electronic Signatures
    6300 District Fundraising
    6502 VEBA III
    6511 Staff Safety
    6511P    Procedure
    6512 Infection Control Program
    6512P    Procedure
    6520  Video Security on School District Grounds or Property
    6520P      Procedure
    6530 Insurance
    6600 Transportation
    6600P     Procedure
    6601 Bus Maintenance
    6601P     Procedure
    6605 Student Safety Walking to School and Riding Buses
    6610 Transportation of Students
    6610P    Procedure
    6613 Motorized Vehicles on School Grounds
    6620 Special Transportation
    6620P Military Leave
    6625 Private Vehicle Transportation
    6630 Driver Training and Responsibility
    6700  Nurition Services Meal Charging
    6700P     Procedure
    6800 Safety Operations and Maintenance of School
    6801  Capital Assets Theft-Sensitive Assets
    6801P     Procedure
    6803 Use of District Owned Equipment and Materials
    6810 Energy Management Education and Conservation
    6881 Disposal of Surplus Equipment and or Materials
    6881P     Procedure
    6882 Sale of Real Property
    6883 Closure of Facilities
    6890 State Environmental Policy Act Compliance
    6895 Pesticide Notification Posting and Record
    6895P    Procedure
    6915 Debt Issuance Compliance
    6915P      Procedure
    6925 Architect and Engineering Services
    6925P    Procedure
    6950  Contractor Assurances, Surety Bonds and Insurance
    6970  Naming of Schools, Public Spaces Within and Public Areas
    6970P       Procedure