• Student Series 3000

    TOC Table of Contents
    3110 Qualifications of Attendance and Placement
    3110P      Procedure
    3112 Social Emotional Climate
    3114 Part-time Home-based Off-campus students
    3114P    Procedure
    3115 Homeless Students Enrollment Rights and Services
    3120 Enrollment
    3120P    Procedure
    3121 Compulsory Attendance
    3122 Excused and Unexcused Absences
    3122P    Procedure
    3124 Removal Release of Student During School Hours 
    3124P    Attachment
    3124P    Procedure
    3125 Law Enforcement Visitations
    3126 Child Custody
    3130 District Attendance Areas
    3131 District Attendance Area Transfers
    3131P    Procedure
    3140 Release of Resident Students
    3141 Non-resident Students
    3141P    Procedure
    3142 Foreign Student Attendance
    3143 District Notification of Juvenile Offenders
    3144 Release of Information Concerning Sexual and Kidnapping Offenders
    3144P    Procedure
    3200 Rights and Responsibilities
    3205 Sexual Harassment of Students Prohibited
    3205P     Procedure
    3207 Prohibition of Harassment Intimidation and Bullying
    3207P    Procedure
    3210 Nondiscrimination
    3210P    Procedure
    3211  Gender Inclusive Schools
    3211P     Procedure 
    3212 Ensuring Educational Equity
    3220 Freedom of Expression
    3220P    Procedure
    3223 Freedom of Assembly
    3224 Student Dress
    3224P    Procedure
    3225 School-Based Threat Assessment
    3230 Student Privacy and Searches
    3230P    Procedure
    3231 Student Records
    3231P    Procedure
    3232  Parent and Student Rights in Administration of Surveys, Analysis or Evaluations
    3240 Student Conduct
    3240P    Procedure
    3241 Student Discipline
    3241P    Procedure
    3242 Closed Campus
    3244 Prohibition of Corporal Punishment
    3246 Restraint, Isolation and Other Uses of Reasonable Force
    3246P     Procedure
    3409 Drug and Alcohol Use
    3409P    Procedure
    3411 Use or Possession of Tobacco Products
    3411P    Procedure
    3412 Automated External Defibrillator
    3412P    Procedure
    3413 Student Immunization And Life Threatening Health Conditions
    3413P    Procedure
    3414 Infectious Diseases
    3414P    Procedure
    3415 Accommodating Students With Diabetes
    3415P    Procedure
    3416 Medication at School
    3416P    Procedure
    3417 Catheterization
    3417P    Procedure
    3418 Emergency Treatment
    3418P    Procedure
    3419 Self Administration of Asthma Anaphylaxis Medications
    3419P    Procedure
    3420 Anaphylaxis Prevention
    3420P    Procedure
    3421 Child Abuse Neglect Exploitation Prevention
    3421P    Procedure
    3422 Student Sports Concussion Head Injuries
    3422P    Procedure
    3423P Procedure for Treatment of Head Lice
    3424 Wellness Physical Activity and Nutrition
    3424P    Procedure
    3432 Emergencies
    3510 Associated Student Bodies
    3510P    Procedure
    3515  Student Incentives
    3515P     Procedure
    3520 Student Fees Fines or Charges
    3520P    Procedure
    3530 Fund Raising Activities Involving Students
    3534 Contests for Students
    3535 Gifts to Staff Members