• Instruction Series 2000

    TOC                Table of Contents
    2000 Student Learning Goals
    2004  Performance Improvement Goals
    2005  School Improvement Plans 
    2020 Curriculum Development & Adoption of Instructional Material
    2020P    Procedure
    2022 Electronic Resources
    2022P    Procedure
    2024  Online Learning
    2025 Copyright Compliance
    2026 New Course Proposal or Major Modification to Existing Course
    2026P     Procedure
    2026P    Attachments
    2029 Animals as Part of the Instructional Program
    2030 Service Animals in School
    2030P    Procedure
    2040 Drones UAVs in School Settings
    2040P    Procedure
    2090  Program Evaluation 
    2100 Educational Opportunities for Military Children
    2100P    Procedure
    2104 Federal and/or State Funded Special Instructional Programs
    2107  Comprehensive Early Literacy Program 
    2108 Intervention Programs
    2110 Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program
    2110P    Procedure
    2121 Substance Abuse Program
    2125 Sexual Health Education 
    2125P    Procedure
    2126 HIV/AIDS Prevention Education
    2145  Suicide Self-Harm Prevention
    2145P     Procedure
    2150 Co-Curricular Program
    2151 Interscholastic Activities 
    2151P    Procedure
    2153 Non-Curriculum Related Student Groups
    2161 Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students
    2161P    Procedure
    2162  Education of Students with Disabilities Section 504
    2162P     Procedure
    2165 Home or Hospital Instruction
    2170 Career and Technical Education
    2170P    Procedure
    2190  Highly Capable Programs
    2190P    Procedure
    2195 Academic Acceleration
    2255 Alternative Learning Experience Programs
    2255P    Procedure
    2320 School Sponsored Field Trips and Off Campus Activities
    2320P     Procedure
    2331 Controversial Issues/Guest Speakers
    2333 Flag Exercises
    2336 Required Observances
    2340 Religious-Related Activities and Practices 
    2402 English Language Arts Mastery-Based Credit
    2403 Math Mastery-Based Credit
    2404 Science Mastery-Based Credit
    2405 Social Studies Mastery-Based Credit
    2406 The Arts Mastery-Based Credit
    2407 Health and Physical Education Mastery-Based Credit
    2408 Integrated Environmental and Sustainability Education Mastery-Based Credit
    2409 World Language Mastery-Based Credit
    2410 Graduation Requirements
    2410P    Procedure
    2411  Certification of Educational Competency
    2412 Diplomas for Veterans
    2413 Equivalency Credit for Career and Technical Education Courses
    2413P    Procedure
    2414  Community Service 
    2415 Early Graduation
    2415P    Procedure
    2416 Graduation Ceremonies and Activities
    2418 Waiver of High School Graduation Credits
    2420 Grading and Progress Reports
    2420P    Procedure
    2421 Promotion/Retention