Mrs. Clements' Web Page Accelerated Bio & Medical Interventions

  •  Mt. Rainier

    Instructor:  Kristin Clements


    Phone:  (360) 709-7600


    Distance Learning Schedule

    Every Day (Mon-Fri):

      Office Hours (7:40am-8:20am)


    Mondays and Thursdays:  CLASS MEETING

    1st Period: Medical Interventions (8:20am-10:00am) 

    2nd Period: Medical Interventions (10:10am - 11:50am)

    3rd Period: Accelerated Biology (12:30pm-2:10pm)


    Wednesdays:  INDEPENDENT WORK

    1st/4th Periods:  (8:45am - 10:20am)

    2nd/5th Periods:  (10:25am-12:00pm)

    3rd/6th Periods:  (12:35pm - 2:10pm)


    Tuesdays and Fridays:  CLASS MEETING

    4th Period: Accelerated Biology (8:20am-10:00am)

    5th Period: Planning (10:10am - 11:50am) 

    6th Period: Accelerated Biology (12:30pm-2:10pm)


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  • Class Curriculum & Materials

    Accelerated Biology and Medical Interventions have no physical textbooks.   Instead, all of the curriculum is online.  This includes a variety of web resources such as slide shows, videos, an online textbook, lab simulations, and more.  Labs will be accomplished through Labster or through video demonstrations while social distancing is required.  You can get to the official PLTW curriculum for Medical Interventions by going the myPLTW webpage & logging on or by logging on through Clever.  For both Accelerated Biology and Medical Interventions I will use Google Sites for posting and presenting lessons - so that the weekly schedule will be visible to both you and your parents.  I will use links to Google Classroom for collecting work.  Whether learning at home or in the classroom, your Chromebook  and/or phone will be one of your key resources.


    Distance Learning Resources:


    How to Stay Connected & Be Successful

    The best way to stay connected is by joining your class on Zoom for our designated meetings each week.  Synchronous classes will be interactive and require you to answer questions, share ideas, practice new concepts, collaborate with classmates, and present information.  Be present and be prepared.  You will need to check your class’ Google Site the morning of your 2X designated class periods and on Wed. to read and access your lessons.  We will use Google Classroom to turn in your assignments.  If you are learning from home & are ever struggling with figuring out the instructions or what you are to do, I will be available by email & am also happy to set up a Zoom to talk you through anything you’re confused about.  If you need help, just ask!  😊


    Distance Learning Resources:


    Professional Bio

    Hello!  My name is Kristin Clements and I am a Nationally Board Certified Teacher in Young Adult Science, specializing in Biology.  I have both a B.S. and an M.S. in Biology, with my graduate work focusing on the use of biotechnology in the classroom.  Much of my professional development has centered around DNA and genetics, and I am a member of the Science Education Partnership at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center.  My training has taken me across the globe as a Fullbright Teacher Fellow in India where I taught for a summer in New Delhi at Kendriya Vidyalaya Andrews Ganj.  I am a wife, a mother, and I love spending time hiking and exploring nature!  I spent a portion of my summer training to teach Project Lead The Way's Medical Intervention's course, which is the third class in the Biomedical pathway, and incorporates many of the interesting biotechnology labs that I have used throughout my career in science education.  This will be my 25th year teaching biology and science in Washington state and I look forward to working with you this year!