• Graduation Requirements

    Tumwater School District spent considerable time this past year reviewing and revising the former "4 P's" graduation requirements to ensure they best meet our students' needs. It will now be called the Senior Culminating Project/Exit Interview (click here for the instructions and rubric).

    Here are the changes that will take effect starting with the Class of 2011:
    • The identification of a Career Pathway is no longer required.
    • The requirement to complete a Portfolio is eliminated.
    • Students will review/revise their High School & Beyond Plan yearly under the guidance of the school counselors.
    • The requirements for 30 hours of community outreach is unchanged.
    • The format of the Senior Culminating Project/Presentation is changed to an Exit Interview format. More information about the Exit Interview can be found on each high school's Senior Culminating Project webpage (use links below).
    Tumwater School District has a board policy on graduation requirements. Students are responsible for completion of the Senior Culminating Project/Exit Interview, in addition to the required 22 credits for graduation. To view the policy regarding course graduation requirements click here. Each high school has a specific website developed to assist students with the Senior Culminating Project/Exit Interview requirements.  Click on links below.