Before your first practice, you need to do the following things:

    1. Join the Remind App and email Coach Pilon for the Class Code 
    2. Completed the Tumwater School District Athletic Clearance Forms.  They are available from the BHHS ASB with Mrs. Center.
    3. Make sure you have a sports physical on file, or submit one to the ASB office. (They are good for 1 year.)
    4. Submit all forms to the athletic office.
    5. Pay the $75 pay to play fee (consult the coach or ASB office if this is a problem, nobody will be denied)
    6. Bring your own waterbottle filled, mask, and towels. You will not be able to shower in the locker room this season. Please be in your suit and parka when you enter the pool and expect to leave in your suit and parka. I highly recommend a competition practice suit, as the "beach bathing suits" are hard to swim in, and won't last very long.  Personally, I think the best practice suit is the Speedo Endurance just because it will last a long time.  You can get those at Big 5 or any other store with a swimming section.  Just make sure that they are the cross back style.  They are also selling some good practice suits at Costco right now, but selection is a little limited.  You can also get some good suits at SwimOutlet.com.  Just make sure you get a competition suit.  
    7. Talk to your friends about swimming and diving!  It's a great sport, we've got a great team, and we're going to have LOT of fun this year. The more swimmers we have, the more events options are available. Attend the first practice of the year on August 23rd!