• Middle School Scheduling and Placement Overview:
    *Students will receive their schedules the 1st day of school*

    The Placement Process :

    The placement process begins in May with current year teachers recording class assessment data and administering the math placement test. We use a team approach to review the data, begin identifying student needs, and adjust the building (master) schedule to accommodate those needs as much as possible. The data collection, analysis, and placement process involves many steps and considerations (see below) that restrict our ability to respond to most change requests. Adjustments to the master schedule will continue into September for avariety of reasons: student numbers,placement adjustments due to 2013 MSP scores, or staffing. Student schedules will continue to shuffle. For this reason, we do not release student schedules until the 1st day of school.

    1. 6th and 7th teachers record the following data on a spreadsheet to be given to the middle school counselors in May:
      • Current Year Academic Performance
      • Current Year Classroom Average Assessment Score (first take/not re-takes)
      • Math Placement Test Score
      • Current Year Academic Effort and Engagement
      • Current Year Behavior

    2.   Pre-Registration Form (parents/students prioritize exploratory options)   
                 information is combined with teacher input for placement considerations.
      1. Pre-Registration Forms are distributed to feeder elementary students in late May. The forms are also sent to non-feeder schools and posted to the TMS website. Forms are collected back from 6th grade teachers and/or families in early June.
      2. NOTE: While we do not accept team change requests, parents are encouraged to note student needs or concerns on Page 2 of the Pre-Registration form. If the form is submitted before team scheduling, we make every effort to accommodate identified needs. If coming from EOE, LRE or PGS and the form was not submitted by the due date or the specific need was not identified on the form, we are unable to make schedule changes in order to preserve the balance in classrooms and on teams. If you believe a mistake has been made (a change of mind does not qualify as a mistake), please email or call your school counselor. See more about schedule change requests in the FAQ section
           3.  Identify Music and Special Education needs – both are often drivers of team  
           4.  Identify Highly Capable (HiCap) eligibility based on Tumwater School District’s   
                COGAT data from 6
    th grade. All HiCap decisions are deferred to the district office:
                Opt Out, Appeal COGAT data, Request to test COGAT at next testing window   
           5.  Identify referrals for Support Classes and adjust the master schedule to provide
           6.  Once the data from steps 1-5 are collected, we build a master schedule to
                accommodate academic placement needs and exploratory requests.
           7.  Middle school staff assign incoming students to teams based on placement data and
                notes of concern on Pre-Registration Form.
    Students are equally divide students
                based on academic performance, engagement, behaviors, male/female, equal split
                of feeder schools or 7
    th grade teams, etc.
           8.  Pre-Registration Forms are cross-referenced for social conflicts and other
                considerations; adjust as space allows while maintaining balance on each team in

           9.  New student enrollment according to placement needs occurs in late August.

         10.  MSP 2013 assessment data collection and analysis is done to confirm placements
                and adjust schedules as needed in late August.